December 10, 2004

TiVoToGo Any Day Now: I Bet 1 Billion Space Dollars

Originally from Gizmodo, reBlogged by ts

pvrblog_tivo2go.jpg imageMatt Haughey over at PVRblog noticed a new ‘Media Access Key’ page on the TiVo website that he guesses signifies TiVoToGo is on its way. I’d just like to toss what I’ve been hearing the last week or so, which is that, yeah, it’s about to drop. In fact, I sort of expected it this week, but at this point I’m thinking early next week. This isn’t a sure-fire insider tip or anything just triangulating from various, possibly-related bits and emails I’ve collated. What do they call that? Oh, right: I’m guessing.

But any day now, seriously.

TiVo To Go on its way? [PVRBlog]

Via Gizmodo