May 23, 2005

Well played, Nintendo

Originally posted by Mike from game girl advance, reBlogged by ts

While initially watching Nintendo’s E3 conference, I wasn’t completely impressed. The console looks alright, but with little more than a 3-second Metroid Prime 3 video, it was pretty obvious that Nintendo was nowhere near as far along in their next-gen console development as Microsoft or Sony.

The Game Boy Micro didn’t do it for me either. Even in light of the PSP, I still consider the Game Boy SP as the closest thing to a perfect portable system. Small, simple, and a folding structure that keeps the screen from scratches. The Micro is just a small Game Boy Advance. No new features. No music playing. Nothing too new, really.

However, then Nintendo dropped the bomb for me. “Virtual console.” The ability to play 20 years of Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64 first-party (and hopefully third-party) games. Wow. Wow-oh-wow. This was what caught my attention. This is what I’m excited about with Nintendo’s new console, and I doubt I’m the only one. If there’s anything Nintendo has going for it right now, it’s a great library of older games. And while it may not be the same as the tech demos of the PS3 and Xbox 360, I now know I’m going to need one of these babies.

Well played, Nintendo. Well played.